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By Uduak Umo - What Should Church PR Be? - What Churches Are Yet To Explore - Is Pastor the Graphic Artist? Evangelism and mainstream corporate Communication have strong similarities in strategies that I will attempt to establish here. The principles of both are the same, as are the effects and the expectations. Handbill sharing is direct marketing; Bulk SMS is direct mailing; Billboards: That’s Outdoor advertising; Saturday Door-to-door is personal selling; Jingles on radio count towards broadcast advertising; The TV and Radio sermons are in between personal selling and product tasting. Street Rallies are marketing events. Except for personal selling, the above are all essential for awareness, basically. They ‘talk at’ the target audience. If properly engaged, they may ‘talk to’. But they still don’t provide an efficient PR solution. None can be regarded by a PR practitioner as Public Relations. They are all either marketing or advertising. With PR, you will be