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What did international media & monitors say about the 2023 Nigerian presidential elections?

Issues from the Nigerian elections rage on, months since the Electoral body, INEC announced winners. The election petition and issues tribunal, headed by members of the nation's judiciary has also given their verdict, followed by the Supreme Court. Now, let us find out what the International society thinks about the contentious Presidential part of the elections. Starting with the European Union! Through their Election Observation Mission, they released a report that read out their position. Abuse of incumbency by various political officeholders distorted the playing field and widespread vote buying detracted from the appropriate conduct of the elections. Incidents of organized violence shortly before and on election days in several states created an environment deterring voter participation." The BBC Zeroed in on Rivers State: "While the official result in this state gave a clear majority to Bola Tinubu of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), our tally suggested t