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Special Invitation; Experiencing Public Relations 2021

The importance of public relations has long been questioned – both by the businesses we serve when they ask “so what have you added to the bottom line this quarter” and by society when our family members say “I just know she goes to the office oh! I don’t really understand what she does.” Experiencing Public Relations At the Experiencing PR event, we shall attempt to address these concerns. What is the impact of Public Relations on businesses and society? Our panellists who are business owners and PR professionals will explain in clear, practical terms what PR is. For Public Relations Professionals, it is time to Transition for Greater Impact. No longer can we hide under the excuse of “at least I am getting paid”. Click here to speak with a PR consultant. Join Nigerian Women in PR on Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 11am – 1pm to discuss these pressing issues. The event shall also witness the launch of the Experiencing PR book – a collection of essays from 12 Nigerian Women in PR practisi

PUBLIC RELATIONS: The Golden Rules of Crisis Management

No matter your industry, your business is sure to- at some point- face some kind of public relations crisis. The way you respond can either give you a hefty brand image boost or be a disastrous setback that alienates your customer base and other stakeholders.   Source; Boostability In the age of the internet, when news can go viral in an instant, organizations must utilize all available platforms to respond to any PR crisis quickly and efficiently. To help you on your way, here are some golden rules to add to your PR toolbox.   1. T ake responsibility Whatever you do, don’t try to cover up your pending PR disaster, as this will only worsen the situation. Instead, manage the disaster by taking responsibility, reacting immediately, and responding quickly to feedback.   Instead of taking the argument public, acknowledge people’s concerns and questions, and respond to the right conversations. Write a press release, post on social media, go public in a way that controls the situation, and m

Should Gospel Music Fans in Nigeria Crucify Forbes Over Michael W Smith?

Pam Windsor, an entertainment contributor at Forbes recently wrote about Sinach's 'Way Maker' under the caption; "Michael Smith's 'Waymaker' becomes go-to comfort song in a global pandemic". Nigerians - at least the ones who follow gospel music - are hard on Forbes. A notable name amongst the unhappy reactions is Victor Oladokun. He is a world renown media personality also known ofr his Christian faith and dual-racial background. I thought to weigh in on this angst because I am equally of the gospel background, although a practicing comms professional. My Thinking We should not take offense at the heading of the Forbes article. That is clearly work of Michael W Smith's tremendous PR strategy team. His marketing team obviously do not list Nigeria and Nigerians among their market targets. This is why their captioning doesn't name Sinach or anyone else as author of the song. But in the body itself, credit is duly given. And for some

Covid19 Vaccination: Can PR Help Nigerian Govt?

There are wild crises awaiting any govt backed or led Covid19 Vaccination in the world. Mention the word and see the reaction.  European Pharmaceutical Review(EPR) Nigeria is not expected to buy into another developing country's curative measures for popular and infamous reasons. As with HIV, no Western country will censor a cure. So, poorly led Nigeria will not even consider a cure. It means they will herd everyone to a compulsory vaccine, by the books of WHO and/or the West. That is the only destiny left for this pandemic. Physical distancing is doing a good job, but reinfection remains a possibility. Ask Paulo Dybala. Whether the vaccines are deadly or life-saving we do not know, cannot tell until millions have been vaccinated. But this is where Public Relations professionals come in. Leaderships of countries should seek out the right hands in every unit of professional service needed for this war. And that includes the Communication sector. They should be en

Physically challenged man wins Public Relations top award

The 2019 edition of Lagos Public Relations Industry Gala and Awards (LaPRIGA) held at the Grand Ballroom, Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos on Thursday, December 19, 2019. Ishola Ayodele According to the Chairman Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations Mr Segun Mcmedal,  “LaPRIGA was instituted to celebrate excellence and professionalism in PR practice and marketing communication. We made conscious effort to raise the bar at every edition, this year being the fourth. We also celebrate our stakeholders who have been consistent in their support for public relations not only in Lagos  but across the Nation.” This is what has made LaPRIGA become the PR Industry Oscars. The main highlight of the event which attracted the crème de la crème from different sectors was the presentation of the LaPRIGA trophy to practitioners and corporate bodies carefully chosen by a Selection Panel for their contributions to the practice and growth of the profession over the yea

Three Public Relations Tips to Lift Women to the Top

Even though we live in a time where women are increasingly dominating in the workplace, and the gender pay gap is shrinking in some industries, women are still lagging in management. You’ll hear chauvinists say women don’t assert themselves or aren’t aggressive enough. As a future public relations professional, and as a woman, these proclamations are disheartening. source; We are the city The fact of the matter is that having women in management roles only benefits an organization.  There are studies which prove that businesses with women in senior management roles make more money. I recently attended the PRSSA Regional Conference at Utah Valley University, yearning to hear from other women. I wanted to know how they got to the top — and how I can get there too. Here are my top three tips: 1. “Be confident.” Jill Chappell, CNN Senior Editorial Producer, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer Think about the first episode of “Scandal” when Olivia Pope’s phone rings as she


By Uduak Umo - What Should Church PR Be? - What Churches Are Yet To Explore - Is Pastor the Graphic Artist? Evangelism and mainstream corporate Communication have strong similarities in strategies that I will attempt to establish here. The principles of both are the same, as are the effects and the expectations. Handbill sharing is direct marketing; Bulk SMS is direct mailing; Billboards: That’s Outdoor advertising; Saturday Door-to-door is personal selling; Jingles on radio count towards broadcast advertising; The TV and Radio sermons are in between personal selling and product tasting. Street Rallies are marketing events. Except for personal selling, the above are all essential for awareness, basically. They ‘talk at’ the target audience. If properly engaged, they may ‘talk to’. But they still don’t provide an efficient PR solution. None can be regarded by a PR practitioner as Public Relations. They are all either marketing or advertising. With PR, you will be


The differences between Public Relations and Propaganda are debated by Communications scholars all over the world. This image demonstrates just a pictorial aspect difference between Propaganda and Public Relations. A basic definition of Propaganda is the systematic manipulation of public opinion, distinguished from other forms of communication in that it is consciously and deliberately used to influence group attitudes by imposing the opinion of the propagandists on their target. Its methods are also different from PR and other forms of communication. The Gonzales Weekly, an American publishing firm, points to one method used on the American public: the Half-Truth. When it comes to principles of transparency and accountability by leaders to the masses, or Organisational leaders to their stakeholders, however, half-truths are whole lies. On the PR hand, truth must be told in its complete form. When an organisation has crises, for instance, the first step to solve it us