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Facebook Inc. Has a Music Big Boy & He’s Nigerian, an Akwa Ibom Son

Ime Archibong of Facebook Inc Nigerians in general have very good representation in Africa’s creative industry influence; but the ratio of Akwa Ibom born creative talents to the State’s total freeborn population is striking. In every generation, there is always an Akwa Ibom born musician, fine artist, comedian, chef, Fashion designer, radio host or even creative sportsman of national repute. Now, Facebook Inc has a top staff, their ‘Music Big Boy’ of Akwa Ibom origin. He’s Ime Archibong. “ For music specifically -- I know I'm one of the "music" guys at Facebook, I've been tremendously bullish on it”, Ime said in an interview with Andrew Flanagan of Billboard in 2014. Ime is the head of strategic partnerships at Facebook Incorporated. Like most outstanding professionals of Akwa Ibom origin, he is a natural creative - which is reflected in the several roles he has played in the Tech Industry - but not without the counterpart potential that Akwa Ibom peop