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 If you need to buy followers to grow your page, your content strategy is a flop.      You might as well see the Ad spend as punishment from Social Media companies; punishment for poor content or content failure.  For if your content is great, your accounts will grow naturally. There is a caveat however. Paying for more followers will cost money but fetch quicker results than growing organically. Howbeit, growing without buying followers will leave you with ever-lasting results. READ: How Brands Can Reach A Wider Audience on TikTok Also, it is possible to grow organically but sharply. You would need to field content that is sensational enough, hot enough, mad enough - and at the right time, distributed to the right discussion forums, however. This would have to be controversy, by the way. There is really nothing else on earth that can make everyone rush to a scene of an event if it weren't either controversy or a looting spree. So, decide what content you can publish. Decide if you

Marketing Meets Entertainment: How Brands Can Reach A Wider Audience on TikTok

 Over the past two years, the popular and rapidly growing short-form video platform TikTok has become a key channel for brands to catch the attention of consumers. With more than 1 billion users, TikTok—along with its unique algorithm and discoverability opportunities—helps brands engage and connect with new demographics and audiences. TikTok TikTok is still fairly new, yet it has already become a necessary avenue to reach audiences. Thus, marketers around the globe face questions: How do I know what’s working on this platform? What is the secret sauce to making a TikTok video go viral? Get creative. Coming up with new trends or unique ways to showcase your products or services is proven to resonate with followers.  Adopt an entertainment-first approach. The direction of entertainment-based marketing allows brands to take a human approach when connecting with their key demographics, creating content that not only moves audiences emotionally, but that also converts. Define your purpos

What Every Brand Should Include In Their Social Media Guide

 A social media style guide is connected to your brand voice. You want your brand essence to be showcased on social media and other marketing platforms for better brand recognition. Social Media Guide A social media style guide can offer your team concise information about publishing posts, so there’s less room for error. It will also make it easier for you to train new employees. That, in turn, will save both parties time. The less time you waste, the faster you’ll reach your social media goals. In creating your guide, you need to understand what to include in it in the first place. Here’s a list of important elements: 1. Consumer persona: Creating the consumer persona of your target audience is an important exercise for any business. The consumer persona is an exclusive collection of data about your target audience. Including a detailed consumer persona in your social media style guide will allow your team to understand the audience they’re targeting. That will help them customize s

Influencer Marketing: The Perfect Influencer Campaign Strategy for your Brand

These days, the value and effect of influencers in the Social Media space have become inestimable.  Influencer Marketing These are genius people who have figured out how to turn their special skill sets and hobbies into profitable personal brands are almost everywhere. Blogs, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram e.t.c. You name it. These kings and queens of content creation and engagements, have basically made any Social Media platform you can think of their kingdom.  Due to their popularity, it's a no-brainer that brands are always on the lookout for influencers that can easily align the brand's goals with their audience and pull people into the brand’s circle of influence on the platform of a 'transactional relationship'. Interestingly, despite the large pool of influencer talents available, figuring out what’s going on culturally and then finding that perfect person to cascade your message is not as easy as it seems. Below are a few tips that can aid you in recording

Media Relations Trends To Watch In 2021

  To call 2020 unique would be the understatement of the century. The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis changed how people live and how industries operate. Media and media relations was no exception. 2021 PR trends While some of the latest developments have been brewing for a while in response to the internet revolution, many are the direct result of reactions to the pandemic. Here are 10 developments all media relations pros should track: 1. The click is king . As most print media outlets are now operating online, a story’s importance is now based on how many clicks and shares it gets. Do more clicks and shares mean the story is more relevant? Maybe, maybe not. But it is now how a journalist’s success is measured at most outlets today. 2. Remote interviews are the new norm . Remote interviews for TV and online media outlets have always been done, but were never preferred and usually reserved for important news sources. With social distancing in place, it was now necess

Tips To Help Your Brand Navigate Through Social Media This Year

  The ever-morphing social media landscape requires daily attention from modern marketers to stay current on the beating pulse of culture, shifting platform functionalities, and the evolving community ecosystem their online communities inhabit.  Social Media In an era of fake news, it’s the real news that kept social media professionals at full throttle last year: Instagram and Facebook ad boycotts, a renewed spotlight on racial injustices, cancel culture at an all-time high, and an unflinching global pandemic has made it essential for brands to understand themselves and the communities they serve. Social media has become the front line for consumer communication in a stay-at-home world, which has led brands to reimagine their content and strategy toolkits. When reevaluating, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Be authentic. One of the key elements that make consumers feel connected to brands is authenticity. Making authenticity a pillar of your content strategy and brand is cru

Tips To Optimize Videos for Social Media

Most social media managers know they must incorporate visual content into their plans. Dynamic videos and video clips are increasingly becoming part of this strategy, too. Now, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool—up from 63% the previous year—according to  HubSpot . With video content becoming an integral part of an organization’s overall marketing strategy, it’s more important than ever to make sure it’s executed seamlessly, professionally and in a way that will drive a return on investment. Image source: Capterra Although the social media world is ever-changing and requires innovation and experimentation daily, social media managers and corporate video editors can keep in mind a few best practices to drive results, foster engagement and increase followers. Here are four for managing video content marketing for Avid’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts: Hire a social media manager/marketer here! Optimize for mobile.    Brightcove’s Global Video Index  found

10 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

The proliferation of digital marketing and social media resources has made it easier than ever to pitch to Main Street--without Madison Avenue budgets. Source; Tech next Mickey Mantas, ‎global agency and partner education consultant at LinkedIn, says these options let you be selective in how you spend digitally, and only "build a presence on the platforms that best represent you and your company." Don' t think of it as a one-time campaign; it'll evolve and grow as your business does. Chase assembled a panel of digital marketing experts—from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp—to help you plan your 2017 social campaigns. Here are some of their suggestions: Go mobile : We consume virtually all information on-the-go, so your marketing platform should be "mobile-centric" instead of just "mobile-friendly." Messaging that isn't designed for mobile access and search will be less valuable in 2017. Create compelling content: Our attention

Three Digital Marketing Trends To Focus On In 2020

As we enter 2020, marketers and business owners must prepare for upcoming digital marketing trends. The landscape of marketing is constantly changing, and if you don’t keep up, you’ll miss out on ways to bring your business to new heights. Source; Unsplash Forward-thinking strategies will drive traffic to your website, grow your email list, generate sales and bring customers back again and again. Imagine if marketers used the same approaches they used decades ago. They wouldn’t be able to appeal to their target audiences, and their businesses surely wouldn’t thrive off of old procedures. Keeping up with the trends is important if you’re going to advance your business and market to consumers the way they want. Here are three digital marketing trends businesses need to pay attention to in 2020. Improved Customer Security Customer security has always been important, but as technology advances, it’s becoming more of a determining factor for customer purchases. If consumers fe

How To Use Social Media To Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

When properly utilized, a well-designed social media marketing campaign can be a powerful lead. Few marketing buzzwords seem to elicit more attention than social media. That’s because when a social media campaign is creative and well-executed, it can prove a powerful addition to your marketing arsenal. Social Media icons But with so much competition for attention, ever-adapting algorithms and costly marketing mistakes, many have a difficult time generating a significant return on investment from social media. Yes, social media marketing can be rife with pitfalls—but it’s also packed with potential. This became abundantly clear to me when I interviewed Florian Sussbauer, a social media systems guru and one of Germany’s top experts in building and scaling agencies. During our conversation, we talked about how social media can be used to significantly supercharge any company’s inbound marketing campaigns. You just have to utilize it to your own advantage. Content Is Every

17 Ways To Post On LinkedIn To Get Noticed

Andrew is a Baby Boomer and Director at a Fortune 500 company that I was working with last week to write his LinkedIn profile when I asked him why he didn’t post on LinkedIn. He was trying to get more attention for himself while looking for a specific kind of job. He has never posted before and needed some guidance on exactly what to put out there. I turned to Hannah Morgan, a guru of job search information. Linkedin Logo Before becoming a job search strategist and facilitator, Morgan of Rochester New York spent time working in HR recruiting were a lot of hiring was going on. She also worked for Lee Hecht Harrison doing outplacement classes and I asked for her advice. I asked why people don’t post and she noted three reasons: #1 they don’t know what to post #2 they worry it’s self-promotion #3 they don’t realize it is important to post and share with their network The easiest thing to do is post about your job, occupation, your company, your industry and sh

5 big mistakes financial marketers make in digital channels

Banking providers continue to struggle with digital marketing — everything from how much budget to allocate to digital channels and how results should be measured. The Financial Brand asked digital marketing experts in the banking industry what they see as the biggest mistakes financial marketers make most often. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter icons Mistake #1: Taking the Same Approach on Every Channel Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are all radically different social media platforms, each with its own norms. The same thing applies to traditional media channels — TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, etc. Each has a different strength that will have different appeal to specific and unique segments of the audience. There are times that the message and/or campaign objective lends itself perfectly to one channel (or more), while other channels might be completely inappropriate or ineffective. But banks and credit unions will frequently lump multiple channels together (e.g

How Financial coys use digital marketing to gain consumers

As consumers increasingly manage their daily lives digitally, financial marketers must find new ways to reach them through online and mobile channels. Research from Mintel shows that the leading financial firms are increasingly investing in digital advertising that can support more personalized messaging. Yet many other institutions remain stuck in traditional spending habits. The majority of financial institutions did not reduce their broadcast and offline marketing budgets over the last 12 months, according to the Digital Banking Report. As in 2017, 34% of financial institutions allocated 50% or more of their media budgets to traditional media. As was the case last year, there was a lack of commitment to digital channels, with only 15% of organizations committing more than 50% of their budgets to online media, compared to 14% in 2017. Similarly, virtually no bank or credit union committed more than 40% of their budget to mobile marketing, with only 2% of organizations commi

Man City Sack PR Firm Behind Much-Mocked Social Media Influencers Advert

​Manchester City have terminated their relationship with media firm  PHD Media Manchester after they were humiliated by an advert looking for help to boost the atmosphere at Champions League games.   Manchester city left back, Benjamin Mendy  Working on behalf of City, the group posted on the app Tribe, which is used by brands to reach out to those with large social media followings, to look for help to raise awareness for the club's European games. In the post, the group claimed  ​City  feared they would not attract many fans after being drawn against three 'relatively unknown' sides - Atalanta, Dinamo Zagreb and Shakhtar Donetsk - and it was ridiculed for its search for help to 'get across the great atmosphere' of  ​Champions League  games. The  Daily Mail  report, City had no prior knowledge of this post and they were left furious to see the group post something without their permission, particularly as it led to widespread criticism from m