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Manuel Music Set To Debut With 'My All' - Press Release

As Emmanuel Kingsley, he has a track out already, but this is a whole new quality and whole new air although he has stayed true to his flair in Gospel Rock music - now as Manuel Music. By June 20, 2018, his first song under the re-branded Manuel 'My All's will hit the market. Produced by the legendary King Baseda, 'My All' involves a lot of sugary metal strums. Not too heavy, not too drastic, just courteous. Simply irresistible, that's the melody. The introduction of strings, low notes, curious stops, orchestra elements at points in the track make the entire production a sensation. The ear does not want to miss out on this cross-cultural favorite by June the 20th. This publisher will release a free download link on the release date. (Release Distributed by Jabborro PR)


Budding gospel music singer Emem Baseda is out with another single; 'None Like You', a production of Final Mix Entertainment.  Her debut release 'Amanam' still enjoys airplay on radio stations in the country. None Like You appeals to a broader audience base as it is written totally in English. It's worship spirit is as deep as the artiste is known to be. It has been described by Uduak Umo, a music director and PR professional as a Timely Timeless. Get a free copy of the song here  DOWNLOAD NONE LIKE YOU


Godwin Tom is an expert in the music business. He has consulted for superstars in Nigeria and beyond, from Wizkid to name them. He's CEO of IManage Africa and is widely travelled just for music business. He will be home in Akwa Ibom to train, interact with and hire 3 participants at the Music Business Series holding on Thursday  23rd and Friday 24th. Thursday is strictly for few interested in Executive level of music and talent management. To join the Executive class(N1000), contact the number on the graphic design. For others, see you on Friday. Please see flyer for more info and contact details.

#NOW With Freke 2016: When 11,000 Worshipers Witnessed a World Class Live Recorded Concert – OFFICIAL MEDIA RELEASE

The 2nd edition of #NOW – Night of Worship – with Freke Umoh, held on Sunday November 6, 2016, at the Full Life Noah’s Ark Auditorium in Uyo. It was a world class live recording production, witnessed by 11,000 worshipers. A project of Freke Umoh®, the #NOW concert project is an annual event that seeks to bring together worshipers from as far as possible into one arena for the purpose of praising and worshiping God without restraint, and to emerge with sound life decisions; personal resolves in relationship with God, and responsibility towards life on earth. Fielding front-line African gospel artists, the likes of Samsong, Ada, Nosa, Afy Douglas, Eno Michael, and others like Eric Arubayi, Lawrence and De Covenant, Godfada, Progress, Shepherd’s Choir, the Unique Dance and Kaydee Numbere, the 2016 edition easily broke the attendance record of the first edition by about 3,000 worshipers. A major target of the project was to capture praise and worship at its climax; and the atmosphere di


By Uduak Umo   I stumbled recently on a Justin Bieber music, and my attention was arrested. Reason: I heard on it a beat we used to play and dance to on Calabar streets in the mid 90s. That beat was in every Orthodox Church praise session, by way of handclaps; some kind of 4/4 played in soukous music. I've also heard other West African native music beats on a number of pure whitey disco music. My confession: I've been a Nollywood/Nollymusic naysayer for long. But now, I'm a believer in those industries. This country can funnel back capital that takes flight through corrupt oil sector management, through Entertainment. We can recruit a patriotic citizenry, we can revive dying dialects, we can revolutionize West Africa's economy, we can make blackness popular, we can even colonize foreign countries; there's so much we can do using our Arts. We need information, we need strategy, and we need the will to initiate and to sustain the


What began as mere Night of Worship (#NOW), is expanding to accommodate the unconventional. Not only are we going to witness a live video recording to the level of what happens in Australia with Hillsong, the very planning of this event project will involve a mix of unusual art and undiluted ministry. Welcome to #NowWithFreke, 2016. This time, Freke Umoh is heading to Uyo with gospel music superstars Samsong, Nosa, Ada, Enkay, Eno Michael, Eric Arubayi, Afy Douglas, Lawrence De Covenant, to be joined by Godfada, LiftedHands Crew, Progress, Emem Baseda, and the Full Life Shepherds Choir as they bring down a worship project never before witnessed in the old town. All roads lead to Noah's Ark Auditorium, Full Life Avenue off Nsikak Eduok, in Uyo on Sunday November 6th, 2016. #NowWithFreke 2016 is brought to you by Inspiration 105.9FM, Freke Umoh & Full Life Foundation. For partnership, please call 08162403610.

Cheerleaders Nigeria Launch New Dance Track 'Sampele' In Akwa United Vs Rangers Big Game

[Music] DOWNLOAD SAMPELE Cheerleaders Nigeria music ladies, the La Pearl girls release their hit dance track Sampele today Saturday July 16, to a teeming and robust fan base. The track, scheduled to debut during the Akwa United – Rangers game at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, the Nest of Champions, is already on its way to Caller-tunes setups. “We’ve been playing other people’s songs while cheering at the games. Now, we decided to bring our own original stuff out there” Says Mr. Emmanuel Okon, the cheerleaders coach; Clara Ojinnaka - the groups coordinator - by his side.  Groovy Sampele , written by the La Pearl girls, produced by rave music producer Bard Bishop, also has an original dance step to it created by the Cheerleaders themselves. Cheerleaders Nigeria have thrilled Nigerian sports lovers across the nation, cheering at the Nigerian Professional football league games and cheering the Nigerian Super Eagles during home games, for nearly 3 years. Sti


[DOWNLOAD FREE HERE] Smooth music, deep worship, revelation, excellent rhyme, deep prayer lyrics wrapped in rich musical production: these were my descriptions for this song as I listened to the track again and again. When you download and listen to this song; or even if you overhear it played, I guarantee you will ask; “Who is responsible for such beautiful worship?” Well, his name is AGNA; and it is his debut single ‘You Are Holy’ set to drop on Friday June 10. Many Nigerians, Africans and nationals of most western nations will be familiar with the expression; ‘loving God’; but there is a huge number of others who may not understand it. The best way to help is to recommend an experience. This AGNA track ‘You Are Holy’ did take me deeper into that experience last times I played it. Besides taking you back to the days of sweet songs with Don Moen, Integrity Music and Hillsong, the track simply makes you love God. For Christians, the experience of God’s presence is inv


Worship musician   Music on its own is neither a ministry office nor calling, it is a ministry EXPRESSION! Everyone called of God occupies any of the ministry provisions and operates in any of the diversities of ministry gifts in the New Testament, of which music was not mentioned. As a musician, beyond merely singing and playing, press into the calling of God for your life! Every musician in “Church” is more than just a singer! There is a pastor or evangelist or te acher or apostle or prophet or teacher or exhorter or miracle worker or helper or healer or any one you find there…then you can express any of that through your music. Go beyond tunes, cords and notes; get into the Word, find who you are and get deep in it. That’s why after Jesus found and read the place that was written concerning Him, he handed the book to the minister and sat down. The minister ought to pick up the book and continue finding! There is a reason why Jesus read just a few lines of Isaiah 61 and g