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Nigeria is losing internet subscribers at an outrageous rate, as seen in the NCCs monthly published data of Internet subscriptions. Too many businesses’ marketing managers across the country, this is horrible news. It is already shocking to see the consistent drop in internet subscribers since November 2020. One would have thought that the Internet has become an essential possession to the general Nigerian population, following food and shelter. That Nigerians are quitting the internet is an ominous sign to everyone, even worse for marketers. According to data from Statista, businesses in Nigeria advertise more on TV than anywhere else. Out-of-Home (or Outdoor) advertising follows and then the Internet comes in 3 rd place. Click here  to read their report. Image: See increasing Ad budgets from 2018 to 2020 across the top 4 channels But research by Nairametrics suggests that although TV takes more Ad budget than the internet and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future,

Influencer Marketing: The Perfect Influencer Campaign Strategy for your Brand

These days, the value and effect of influencers in the Social Media space have become inestimable.  Influencer Marketing These are genius people who have figured out how to turn their special skill sets and hobbies into profitable personal brands are almost everywhere. Blogs, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram e.t.c. You name it. These kings and queens of content creation and engagements, have basically made any Social Media platform you can think of their kingdom.  Due to their popularity, it's a no-brainer that brands are always on the lookout for influencers that can easily align the brand's goals with their audience and pull people into the brand’s circle of influence on the platform of a 'transactional relationship'. Interestingly, despite the large pool of influencer talents available, figuring out what’s going on culturally and then finding that perfect person to cascade your message is not as easy as it seems. Below are a few tips that can aid you in recording