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COVID-19: What Is The Future Of PR?

What’s next for communications after COVID-19? Here is what pros and agencies predict as the future of PR after COVID-19. Source; PR Consultants Group For service providers and vendors, getting ahead of industry changes is the difference between big success and loss of market share. We have compiled their predictions for businesses once they reopen fully. Here’s where they think we are headed: Uduak Umo, Jabborro PR: "All indications point to a future with Covid19 still featuring, unless there is a dramatic discovery to eradicate it hurriedly. Hence, business will no longer be as usual. Communications will be everything the more. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp are all handy as we physically go distant; Zoom has now jumped in big. Organisations will now pay more attention to their websites, SEOs, SEM, Landing Pages, eCommerce, Video conferencing and all kinds of remote comms tools. Expect new technologies - like the Hologram, new battery technology, new app technology - to eme