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Poisonous ‘Kpomo’, Preserved With Formalin, on Sale in Uyo - Secret Reports

An unnamed South East Nigerian business man had imported treated animal hide as raw material for production of leather products, from a certain source.   He left the materials in a cold storage facility, returning to find it had become bloated ‘Kpomo’, enticing and salivating. This is what independent research has revealed. A government official, who is not yet authorized to speak to the media, has confirmed that this poisonous material has found its way into Akwa Ibom State, sold as meat. The official, who spoke with the writer on Tuesd ay March 22 nd , explained that this particular Kpomo (edible Cow skin), may have originally been the skin of elephants, horses, donkey or some other dead animal. The product is believed to have been sold from either Onitsha or Aba to buyers all the way as far as Lagos. It got into Uyo through a popular village market at Ikot Ekpene, Urua Ator. A Lagos resident, who had developed health complications on consuming it, had alerted medical