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By Uduak Umo   I stumbled recently on a Justin Bieber music, and my attention was arrested. Reason: I heard on it a beat we used to play and dance to on Calabar streets in the mid 90s. That beat was in every Orthodox Church praise session, by way of handclaps; some kind of 4/4 played in soukous music. I've also heard other West African native music beats on a number of pure whitey disco music. My confession: I've been a Nollywood/Nollymusic naysayer for long. But now, I'm a believer in those industries. This country can funnel back capital that takes flight through corrupt oil sector management, through Entertainment. We can recruit a patriotic citizenry, we can revive dying dialects, we can revolutionize West Africa's economy, we can make blackness popular, we can even colonize foreign countries; there's so much we can do using our Arts. We need information, we need strategy, and we need the will to initiate and to sustain the


What began as mere Night of Worship (#NOW), is expanding to accommodate the unconventional. Not only are we going to witness a live video recording to the level of what happens in Australia with Hillsong, the very planning of this event project will involve a mix of unusual art and undiluted ministry. Welcome to #NowWithFreke, 2016. This time, Freke Umoh is heading to Uyo with gospel music superstars Samsong, Nosa, Ada, Enkay, Eno Michael, Eric Arubayi, Afy Douglas, Lawrence De Covenant, to be joined by Godfada, LiftedHands Crew, Progress, Emem Baseda, and the Full Life Shepherds Choir as they bring down a worship project never before witnessed in the old town. All roads lead to Noah's Ark Auditorium, Full Life Avenue off Nsikak Eduok, in Uyo on Sunday November 6th, 2016. #NowWithFreke 2016 is brought to you by Inspiration 105.9FM, Freke Umoh & Full Life Foundation. For partnership, please call 08162403610.


1. Mbiokporo has a new road passing through it, opening up that part of Uyo, as the city spreads across the area. The community is hospitable and are selling their lands. If you buy now, you will buy cheap. Buy land at Mbiokporo at a Govt approved residential area/estate. 500 sq meters costs 550,000 naira, and you can pay through 12 months. 2. Le Meridien area. Buy land close to the 5 star hotel (2 minutes from the gate), on a govt approved residential layout. 500 sq meters goes for 1.4million. If you desire to pay in installments for 12 months, the total will cost 1.7million naira. (These prices are slightly negotiable). 650sq M at LeMeridien area goes at 1.8million. and if you are paying in installments through 12 months, it goes at 2 million naira total. These offers are affordable real estate ownership projects you can take advantage of. Please see the attached flyers for more info. You can also call Jabborro PR on 08027675065 and 08162403610.


The strongest mark of a professional is continuous learning. This is why the Nigerian constitution demands that ONLY chartered PR professionals can practice PR in Nigeria. They are chartered because they are professionals. Now, to be chartered, you will go through NIPR certification exams. Jabborro PR Study Group advertorial THE PROCESS OF BECOMING CHARTERED The PR certification process involves registering as an NIPR student, studying on your own, in an NIPR school, or with study groups and professional tutorials, writing NIPR exams, and becoming chartered if you pass the exams. There are 2 levels to go through: The Professional 1 level, where you take 10 courses; and the Professional 11 level, with 5 advanced PR subjects. EXEMPTIONS You must pass all Professional 1 subjects before you can register for Professional 11. NIPR however can exempt people with certain academic qualifications and/or job experience. Graduates of Marketing, Communication A

APPLY NOW: UNFPA Internship Programme for Int'l Applicants in USA, 2017

United Nations Populations Fund is pleased to offer internship programme for international students to study in USA. Students should be enrolled in an advanced degree programme or have recently graduated. Interns do not receive a salary or any other form of remuneration from UNFPA. Internship application deadline is 31 December 2016. United Nations Populations Fund UNFPA Field of Internship: It is designed to complement development-oriented studies with practical experience in various aspects of UNFPA work. Course Level: Internship Internship Provider: United Nations Populations Fund Internship can be taken in USA (HQ, New York) Eligibility: Candidates for the internship programme are selected on a competitive basis. The profiles of the interns are matched with the needs of the organization. The following qualifications are required for consideration: Students should be enrolled in an advanced degree programme or have recently graduated; Students must have wri