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[OPINION] by Imo-owo Mbede Can we sincerely say that the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has been efficient at making Nigerian roads safer? I doubt. I would rather say that the FRSC is more efficient at extorting money from road users, as against its primary obligation of ensuring that our roads are safe for users. A Federal Road Safety official pulls you over and demands to see your drivers' license, which I presume should certify your eligibility and authorization to drive. Unfortunately, the drivers' license does not prove whether or not one can drive – because till date I DO NOT REMEMBER EVER SEEING THE FRSC CONDUCTING DRIVING TESTS BEFORE ISSUING A DRIVERS' LICENSE. (They now do so through accredited driving schools, but that’s a very recent development – and as Nigerians, we know what that means….) All the while, it was all about the money; for as long as you could afford it, the FRSC was more than willing to issue you a license (and so my blind uncle h

LANDS IN UYO NOW SELLING AT N575K (SEE SLIDES) - Payable Through 12 Months

[REAL ESTATE] Weeks back, we posted messages on low cost lands selling in Uyo at N500k, and payable through 15 months. Following the advertorials, the lands sold out. But, good news, there is a second phase and it's selling now. The location may be disclosed when an interested buyer contacts us via calls 08027675065 (official hours only) or by SMS via the same contact. But it is NOT in the city centre, yet still in Uyo metropolis, between Aka Road and Abak road. For this phase, each 500 square meter goes originally for N700,000. However, there is provision for prospects buying via our referral to get it at N550,000, following payment of N25,000 consultancy fee and registration (both non refundable), and an initial deposit of N100,000; any interested individual can pay up through 12 months. Seize on this opportunity and do not foot-drag till this also sells out. Thank you Jabborro PR


[MUSIC] Emem Baseda Debut Release OFFICIAL RELEASE - DOWNLOAD HERE FREE You  want to connect with your Creator, you want to experience the heavenly. All human beings do. But if you don't, then you do not want to be led in worship by Emem Baseda. God reigns all the way from where no flesh can understand or reach, from glory no mind can imagine. Yet, His presence is accessible. He is billions of light years far off, but nearer than our skins. He is Holy and unapproachable by human flesh, yet He comes near enough to hear us. Obviously He preserves His presence in high value. Consequently, it takes certain knowledge, direction, passionate hunger and the skill to bring that presence out among men. Emem Baseda has just the right passion; she's hardworking, she's spiritual, and she's got just the voice for unlocking the heavens. I watched her sing - more like followed her worship leading - years before she knew me. And she's been consistent in charac


[Sports] Paul Le Guen Paul Le Guen is a football manager; was once a France international. His name is pronounced [p ɔ l l ə ɡ w ɛ n] or in Breton [pawl lø ɡ w ɛ n ː ] . He was born on 1 March 1964. He played with FC Nantes and PSG and won 17 caps for the French national team . He has also managed Olympique Lyonnais, Stade Rennais , Paris Saint-Germain , Glasgow Rangers , the Cameroon national team and the Oman senior team, most recently. The Nigerian Football Federation under Ahmadu Pinnick announced 18 July, 2016, that Le Guen was selected as the new technical adviser for the Nigerian senior team, the Super Eagles, having analysed his credentials compared with those of the other two candidates considered. Now let’s look at his credentials. His Successes He won 17 caps for the French national team. He played at Stade Brest for six years, Nantes Atlantique for two years, and then left Brittany for Paris St. Germain where he played for seven ye


[ENERGY] Dead Bus Equipment, Ibom Power Company More than once in the 13 months of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, electricity generation has fallen in Nigeria from 5000MW to 0.0MW. Seeing the political issues that lead to these crises are yet to be resolved, there's every likelihood of a recurrence. But, Akwa Ibom State will not be affected next it happens. Although all states in the federation statutorily get served from the national grid, The ima ge shows the dead bus system that isolates Akwa Ibom State from the nation when the national grid fails. In such times, the State becomes an island of electricity.   It was approved for the state owned power generating corporation, Ibom Power Company, IPC, by the Udom Emmanuel led Government, along with other interventions in the energy distribution sector. The IPC managing director, Dr Victor Udoh had touted it to the state in 2015, in a time it seemed commendations for the Governor were merely sy

Cheerleaders Nigeria Launch New Dance Track 'Sampele' In Akwa United Vs Rangers Big Game

[Music] DOWNLOAD SAMPELE Cheerleaders Nigeria music ladies, the La Pearl girls release their hit dance track Sampele today Saturday July 16, to a teeming and robust fan base. The track, scheduled to debut during the Akwa United – Rangers game at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, the Nest of Champions, is already on its way to Caller-tunes setups. “We’ve been playing other people’s songs while cheering at the games. Now, we decided to bring our own original stuff out there” Says Mr. Emmanuel Okon, the cheerleaders coach; Clara Ojinnaka - the groups coordinator - by his side.  Groovy Sampele , written by the La Pearl girls, produced by rave music producer Bard Bishop, also has an original dance step to it created by the Cheerleaders themselves. Cheerleaders Nigeria have thrilled Nigerian sports lovers across the nation, cheering at the Nigerian Professional football league games and cheering the Nigerian Super Eagles during home games, for nearly 3 years. Sti