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The Diet That Has Made Novak Đoković World Number 1

Photo by AFP Novak Đoković rules the world of Tennis. But his has not been an easy career journey, no thanks to health crises that frequently interrupted his games. The crises then would manifest as breathing difficulty, with suspicions of asthma; violent vomiting, and weakness. In the match against Gaël Monfils at the US Open in 2005, he famously took four medical timeouts after running out of breath. In the same year, earlier he had taken the first set against Guillermo Coria at the French Open but retired in the third because, he says “my legs had turned to rock and I couldn’t breathe”. He has however come from recurrent health crises to an unwavering topnotch performance, combining speed, power, aggression and amazing resilience, many times powering through matches that have lasted several hours as he played against earth’s bests. The secret: A change in eating lifestyle , with focus on a stringent diet regime, as revealed in his recently released book ‘Serve To Win’

The Story of Linda Ikeji

 Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji is another multi-millionaire African who was born with a clay spoon in the mouth, but who believed in herself, in hard grinding and in God's help. As a student of English department at the University of Lagos, she kept part-time jobs as a waitress, model and a writer. She is a native of Imo State, South East Nigeria. Having worked her way through rejection, delays, turn-downs and all what not, her blog began to gather thousands then millions of followers till she became one of Nigeria's leading media channels. Today, she is arguably the highest paid. At one time in October 2014, her blog was shut down by Google. It was restored on October 10, 2014. She bought a house lately worth over N500 million Naira in one of Africa’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Banana Island in Ikoyi, Lagos, and thought to say some words of inspiration to her younger mentees. It came out from the heart and resounds with passion that could be felt by the fingers of