Dead Bus Equipment, Ibom Power Company
More than once in the 13 months of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, electricity generation has fallen in Nigeria from 5000MW to 0.0MW. Seeing the political issues that lead to these crises are yet to be resolved, there's every likelihood of a recurrence. But, Akwa Ibom State will not be affected next it happens.

Although all states in the federation statutorily get served from the national grid, The image shows the dead bus system that isolates Akwa Ibom State from the nation when the national grid fails. In such times, the State becomes an island of electricity.
It was approved for the state owned power generating corporation, Ibom Power Company, IPC, by the Udom Emmanuel led Government, along with other interventions in the energy distribution sector. The IPC managing director, Dr Victor Udoh had touted it to the state in 2015, in a time it seemed commendations for the Governor were merely sycophantic. Today the company has it delivered, installed and in operation.

Prior to receiving a license to expand generation capacity in Q4 2015, IPC had been generating an average of 90MW daily. Restricted by law from distributing to the state for domestic use, it evacuates everything directly to the transmission company of Nigeria TCN. Power returns to the state via a Distribution Company called PHED.

PHED supplied 11% of the State's power requirement with 20MW, until the Governor, Udom Emmanuel came on board. Through negotiation, he was able to convince them to add 20MW more. That explains the improvement in power supply witnessed in Akwa Ibom State since the Udom Emmanuel-led administration.

While there is so much yet to be done in the Energy sector, in Akwa Ibom as in the rest of Nigeria and Africa, slight steps forward must be noted, in order to keep track of factors that will indicate economic progress or the contrary. These factors will be most crucial in the attraction of critical private sector investment.

Uduak Umo is a Chartered PR Consultant & Public Interest Researcher. Follow him on Twitter @umo2013