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WhatsApp has launched the latest service for Business owners, WhatsApp Business App that is available in US, UK and gradually rolling out to other countries like Italy, India, etc. WhatsApp business app is free to use and currently available from Google Play Store to download on Android devices.


Before you start to create the profile for WhatsApp Business, please be aware that the WhatsApp Business is considering as a separate entity. There is no connection between your WhatsApp personal account, with this business account. You can register WhatsApp account with a business number or your existing WhatsApp personal number. If you use your existing personal number for Business registration, your personal WhatsApp profile will convert to the business and all contacts will import to your business profile.
At this moment, this app is available for Android users only. Please go ahead and download the WhatsApp Business App from Google Play.

You have to enter your country and business number. WhatsApp will verify the business number with a verification code. You have to set the business name for the profile. When you set the business name, please make sure the right one. WhatsApp will not allow you to change the business name one you set up. You can set your logo, phone email address and status message at this setup process.
The profile settings for WhatsApp Business app is entirely different from the personal app. One the Business setting, you can set the business location, business category, business description, official email address and website to reflect on business profile.

There is an option to set Business hours, that is going to be extremely useful for shops and small offices those can set the working hours. The customer can see your store status on your profile and the location to reach. The Contacts screen will list you all the business contacts that you have stored on this app and this just like your Android contact page.

The WhatsApp messaging tools have three message options to set. One is the Greeting message to automatically welcome the user as the first response to their query. Away message. The second one is Away message that is ideal when you temporarily go out for a while. You can inform the customer that you will be out for a while and respond back when you are available. You can set this Away time right on the app with autoresponse message.

The third option from the WhatsApp Messaging tools is the Quick replies. As a business owner, this is going to save tons of time while interacting with the customers. You can set many message templates here, with the actual message and the shortcut.

This is how you can measure the daily visit status and customer queries and the interaction rate through the app. This will give an approximate idea, how much this app helps to bring the customers to your business.

This powerful app will launch eventually for iPhone users. Once the users can reach the business from their smartphone with few taps, this is going to be a powerful solution to improve your business. Eventually, we can hope that WhatsApp will integrate the payment solution (maybe WhatsApp Pay) into this app. That is going to be the future and as a customer, I can order my pizza with few lines of messages through my WhatsApp.



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