Deploying Social Media In Public Relations

Are you sending out press releases and waiting for the media to write about you?
Are you wondering how you can integrate social media with public relations?
As professional PR experts, these among other things are involved in our daily tasks.
Instead of waiting for the media to write their story, as organizations media eyes and mouth piece, share those stories via social media platforms. More especially, those platforms activities are coordinated by you.

Try these few thought of mine:

1.Include social sharing
If you need to write a press release, find a way to support and extend the message via social sharing.

In Nigeria and worldwide today, keep in mind that journalists rely heavily on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms to source and research stories. When you share your story socially, you are meeting them where they are instead of interrupting them in their inbox.

For example, a story about a charitable contribution would translate very well to video (building up your…

Manuel Music Set To Debut With 'My All' - Press Release

As Emmanuel Kingsley, he has a track out already, but this is a whole new quality and whole new air although he has stayed true to his flair in Gospel Rock music - now as Manuel Music.

By June 20, 2018, his first song under the re-branded Manuel 'My All's will hit the market.

Produced by the legendary King Baseda, 'My All' involves a lot of sugary metal strums. Not too heavy, not too drastic, just courteous.

Simply irresistible, that's the melody. The introduction of strings, low notes, curious stops, orchestra elements at points in the track make the entire production a sensation.

The ear does not want to miss out on this cross-cultural favorite by June the 20th. This publisher will release a free download link on the release date.

(Release Distributed by Jabborro PR)


WhatsApp has launched the latest service for Business owners, WhatsApp Business App that is available in US, UK and gradually rolling out to other countries like Italy, India, etc. WhatsApp business app is free to use and currently available from Google Play Store to download on Android devices.

Before you start to create the profile for WhatsApp Business, please be aware that the WhatsApp Business is considering as a separate entity. There is no connection between your WhatsApp personal account, with this business account. You can register WhatsApp account with a business number or your existing WhatsApp personal number. If you use your existing personal number for Business registration, your personal WhatsApp profile will convert to the business and all contacts will import to your business profile.
At this moment, this app is available for Android users only. Please go ahead and download the WhatsApp Business App from Google Play.

You have to enter your country and business number. W…

Spanking New: This Easter Arrives with Sochi’s ‘Chioma’ Debut

Sochi Rollins Ogaram is not new to worship having spent most of his youth days singing in church, but on Friday the 30th just before the 2018 Easter arrives, So-Rolls, in his moniker, will officially release his debut single ‘Chioma’. This is yet another terrific production of King Baseda of Final Mix.

The sonic fingerprints of the ace music producer are all over the track, only that, this time, it is unpredictable. The Background vocals are deliberately breezy, the instrumentation is a massage treatment, the tempo is at ease and the song even begins with an instant impression. Final Mix ensured that by the time the song meets you, you are swinging gently between congregational worship and a radio favourite, quite like when Afro-soul that you hear from Nosa and Asa hits you from the car stereo on a Sunny Sunday morning. On pre-listening, a curator quickly described the track as the ‘the first ever Chioma of Soul’.
Chioma is interpreted ‘God is good’ in Igbo and So-Rolls insists he decid…


Not only can you scan your documents and pictures using this mouse, you can convert them to Microsoft Word as well. Count on this: this mouse is replacing your big, bulky scanner. 
This should make it much easier to make electronic copies from your hard copies; books, pictures, magazines all better archived on your computer or cloud.
PR workers need this, Librarians will need this, CEOs will need this, Secretaries will need this, Records departments of corporates need this, Digital workers too, Who doesn't need this, really? Call us at Jabborro PR to get this important device before demand sky rockets and the price shoots up alongside. 
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The race is on towards kick off of the Agri -Entrepreneurship Empowerment, AEE Project in Akwa Ibom State. A special project blueprint prepared by Jabborro PR was adopted by FIAP Canada represented by Mr John Edem, the FIAP CEO after a presentation by the communications agency in a meeting held on November 15, 2017 at Georgetown Residences in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital city.The blueprint contains detailed planning for the execution of AEE, flowcharts, organizational communications model, comprehensive SWOT analysis and architectural model for the administrative centre and has already been printed, packaged and delivered to proposed partners of the AEE project.
The AEE project is scheduled to kick off in Nigeria within 24 months from the adoption of the blueprint and will herald a major upheaval in the low state of youth employability and poverty beginning with Akwa Ibom State, extending to other parts of Nigeria.

Free Petrol in Uyo, Akwa Ibom on Wednesday August 16th (Watch Video For Enquiry)

Hey there, we are at Alabasker Fask Nig Ltd; a fuel station where you can buy fuel and pay using POS, here in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. 
The Jabborro PR team were out on a research drive when we stumbled on their offer: FREE fuel for buyers on Wednesday August 16th at their fuel station at Mbierebe, along Aka Etinan road in Uyo. When you buy 4 litres, you get 1 litre free. 
They're also offering light refreshment alongside. The bonanza is to mark their 1st anniversary.
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