The significance of art in the development of a child cannot be overemphasized. Art itself is a tool of expression. It is the child’s lingua franca and through art the child’s understanding and thoughts are made clearer. This is one of the beliefs of Cedar Court British International School, a conducive learning environment in Uyo, with a mission to provide a superior and excellent nursery care during a child’s most formative years. The school places a focus on the whole development of the child, aiming at creating a global mindset and equipping every pupil with essential skills for life-long learning.
Since its inception in 2007, Cedar Court British International School, has steadily and consistently grown numerically to be one of the most reputable educational institutions in Nigeria, especially in the Niger Delta, with world-class schools in Rivers and Bayelsa states.
Their passion in bringing International Education to the rural communities is commendable. This is seen in their continued use of International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the proper use of the English Diction, as well as strategic steps in nurturing children through international exchange programs with schools like International School of Paris, France; International School of Brussels, Belgium; International School of Amsterdam and the American School of London.
Cedar Court British International School provides complete learning through the use of multiple intelligence, with a curriculum geared towards providing permanent literacy, laying a solid foundation for scientific, critical and reflective thinking, and also equipping children with the core life skills to function effectively in society.
With International Affiliates like European Council of International Schools, Global Issues Network, Washington; Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education; Refocus Network of UK Early Childhood Educators; UK Trade and Investment, Educational Training and the World Early Childhood Education Forum, Cedar Court British International School recognizes every individual child’s needs and effectively work with them to achieve positive results.
At Cedar Court British International School, creative arts is used as a tool to inspire great intellectual ability, good self-esteem, excellent Christian character and self-confidence in pupils. From time to time, exhibitions are hosted in the school to showcase pupils’ creative prowess. One of such exhibitions is the Spring Arts Festival (SAF), an event organized for exchange of ideas and stimulation of student’s responsive power. At the festival, kids from all classes showcase their talents and skill in art.
In the first edition of this exhibition, younger kids worked on palm prints, footprints, egg decoration and many more amazing facets of arts, while the older ones brought forth amazing artworks, ranging from collage, beads-making, drawing, and so many other amazing artifacts.
This year’s event, being the second edition, will avail guests, parents and care-givers the opportunity to discover the great job done by the school in bringing out the cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities in their wards. Artworks will be sold and proceeds sent to other children in the orphanage who do not have the same opportunities. The event will be held on Saturday 19th March 2016 at the school premises No. 1 Akpan Inyang Street, off NEPA Line, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.