- How the Yorubas Stay Far Ahead of Us
- What you gain with Certifications Added to your degree

"I told my brother, keep your PhD aside; go for certifications. That is what develops your capacity; that is what qualifies you to speak at conferences around the world.

I have a friend who acquired several certifications here in Nigeria. He got a job from here and today he's become a citizen of UK and Canada, getting jobs using just his certifications. Whatever you do, get certifications. This is one of the ways the Westerners overtake us. They accumulate certifications long after their degrees, and they travel everywhere because of their capacity."

 – Rt. Hon Sam Ikon (paraphrased), member representing Etinan Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Abuja, April 11, 2017, at his home while interacting with few supporters and friends. 

Apparently, the parliamentarian does believe in strategic professional 'educationing'. Himself, he has embarked on a couple, and he understands (professes) that he cannot be ignored if and when he’s out of politics.

There are professionals whose CVs are up to six(6) A4 pages thick, but they have just BSc. Yet they do not lack jobs. According to Honourable Sam, "they are never out of job".

This is why we at Jabborro PR invite you to get chartered certifications to practice PR in Nigeria. There are scholarships and international career opportunities in other countries of the world. If you are in Uyo or nearby, you need to call Dave on 08181170828.