10 DOs and Don'ts for Brands on Twitter; Part two

Twitter DOs and Don'ts
Source: Cnbc

4. Don't Auto-Tweet
While you are away from work, you can setup automated tweets to give you top of the mind awareness, but this takes a lot more skill than just knowing how to use a bot. tweeps (as twitter users call themselves) can tell the difference between a bot tweeting and you tweeting. When they want information, they can forgive you for allowing a bot inform them, but if the information achieves its aim, then a human should be on hand to engage them. Let’s not even talk about DM using a bot; that’s spam and, it could work for you, but if it doesn’t work for you, it does even more harm.
5. Don't Take Too Long To Reply
The best twitter accounts are known for replying within few minutes. If it takes you a whole day or more to reply, you could be losing business. Set your notifications on a mobile phone if you are handling a twitter account for the firm, and get messages on the go. And if you missed a message, apologize for taking too long to reply. This is a lesson for the likes of Flutterwave to learn. They are dealing with people’s moneys on an intangible media platform, yet they take long to even reply emails if the observation of some users are correct. 
6. Don't Overtweet
To gain a follower on Twitter can be costly in terms of time and skill. Do not lose your followers to posting too often, unless you are offering a sensational product like comedy, adult products, startling educational content and so on. If your account is merely for broadcast (no reply), which we don’t see why you should practice such communications model, you must be extra-careful not to flood your followers’ timelines with too much info. If they get bored and miss out on the more important information, it is because they got tired of viewing your copious posts. 

7. Do Shout-Out to Users Who Mention You
Say thanks, offer tips, throw giveaways to fans that show your brand some love. When you hit a certain number of followers, say thank you. When you get mentioned, like, reply, value people. Do your best to follow back, especially credible and, yes, verified accounts that follow you. Surely, you won’t follow back everyone, but if someone asks for a follow-back, it could be smart to oblige them. You can imagine the surprise when a known brand follows a private user.