We Have 5G and Covid in Nigeria; Should We Be Scared? (Please Read)

It is true: while men slept, 5G entered Nigeria 😉. So, more seriously, while Nigerians were busy with Corona Virus, telecoms agents were installing 5G technology in parts of the country. So, if you still feel passionate about this, yes, we have both Covid19 and 5G technology in Nigeria right now.

Read down, I’ll soon show you the cities where these 5G technology are at in 2-3 minutes.



So, widespread rumours link 5G technology to health hazards in many parts of the world. We have all seen videos of birds falling from the sky near antennae that look different from our usual 3G and 4G hardware. We have seen videos of trees that dried up on the side that faced a nearby telecoms pole.

Whether these videos are authentic or fake, we don't know. But people have passionately protested against the technology.

Influential individuals have fanned this alarmist rhetoric even more. There's been talk of it causing hypoxia, a shortage of oxygen which makes patients breathe hard, feel weak, feverish and sick. These sound like Covid, don't they.


A little Bit of Physics


The protesters have a point though. If you tamper with the Oxygen molecule, it becomes difficult for the body to absorb it. Certain high level energy carried by waves can actually interact with Oxygen in the air.

A certain study captured by Wanghua Wu, Robert Boddan Staszewski and John Long in their 2016 book ‘Millimeter-Wave Digitally Intensive Frequency Generation in CMOS’ does show that waves in the 5G frequency band are attenuated by Oxygen, Water vapor and rain drops. Whatever these things mean, it implies that first Oxygen in the air can slow down the radiation. But in doing this, other studies show that their molecules can be adversely affected by these radiations. This could make the Oxygen difficult to absorb by your body. And once your body cannot absorb oxygen, you suffer Hypoxia.


5G and Covid
A physicist will understand this

Let’s talk about light. You have bright light and you have dim light. White light is brighter than other colours of light you are aware of. In fact, if you mix blue light with red light and green light and all the other colours, you will have white light.

Fact is that light is a packet of energy that travels from source – like a torch, like a candle fire, like the sun – to you an object. It makes the object visible to your eyes. That ‘packet of energy’ is called waves.

Light from the sun travels as waves to all the objects surrounding the sun. This is how the earth receives light from the sun.

Now, the energy of these waves is graduated such that the stronger the wave, the brighter the light. And yet at a certain level of high energy, the light becomes invisible to your eyes. Also, at a certain level of low energy, it is also invisible, but with a different kind of effect than the higher one.


How Harmful is 5G?


Between your cellphone and the nearest telecommunications tower, invisible waves travel. These waves themselves possess a range of different energy levels. 1G technology has very low energy range compared with 2G and 3G. The higher the ‘G’, the more energy. But still, none of these 1G to 5G possess as much energy as waves from the sun.

The 5G frequency has ‘millimeter-wave radiation’, while the Sun has ultraviolet (UV) wave radiation. It is those UV waves that have the power to distort the atoms of your body much more than the easier millimeter-wave one. It is the sun that can even attack the DNA in your body and not the ‘innocent’ 5G rays.

According to Kenneth Foster, a professor of Bioengineering at Pennsylvania State University, "The only established hazard of non-ionizing radiation is too much heating,"

By ‘non-iodizing’ radiation, he is referring to the millimeter waves which have low energy not enough to damage a cell directly, not the sun’s UV rays. This is what the 5G technology emits

Don’t get me wrong, all radiation is harmful if you are exposed to it excessively. But the weaker radiations would only harm you if you are exposed for a long time, too close to the equipment, mostly in an engineering work setting. These cellphones emit such a minute level of energy you have nothing to worry about.

So, if you are scared of 5G radiation, how much more should you be scared of the typical Lagos noon day sun? We should all be using sunshades as we go out of our homes in Nigeria.


How 5G will Benefit Us


This thing will be fast! At Jabborro PR we are unanimous in acceptance of the 5G technology. We use 4G and it makes our work much more comfortable than before we acquired the service. If something is going to come in 100x faster and still be safer than the sun, please bring us a base station – we want it now.

We have just been handed the Public Relations of a large Church in Nigeria. Work is multiplied for us exponentially. Can our 4G service help us stream videos, access cloud computer for faster video editing while also tracking conversations across the internet in efficient time? We need the 5G soon!

Our website is under construction, but till then, please read a little about Jabborro PR here.

If you could download/upload a 2GB video file in 20 minutes using a good 4G network, with the 5G service, you can download the same video file in 20 seconds to 2minutes. And you say we should kick against it? No way! They are currently testing the system in Calabar, Lagos and Abuja. See image below:


5G and Covid in Nigerian


So are you still scared? Don't be. According to telecomms and health researches, 5G technology does not pose that much of a threat to human health as widely and wildly suggested recently. While there have been videos and pictures of birds dying and trees roasting mysteriously, there have also been videos from independent sources checking out the 5G service. And the trees in these other videos were not fried nor were birds falling dead on the camera men.

There are other explanations for birds falling from skies and shrieking to death. And trees dying on one side. Have you considered that there could be nuclear activity in these neighbourhoods?

But of course, let’s put things in perspective: There is no limit to how far man can go in pursuit of his ambitions. After 5G, what would be next?

We do not have that answer yet. Man will keep seeking an answer for his condition whether in religion or out of it. But if you are afraid of the ‘anti-christ’, you should be in the ‘Receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour’ discussion, not a 5G and Covid thread.


Uduak Umo is a Public Relations professional with specialty in Media Relations, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Copywriting, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, Investor Relations. He writes from Jabborro PR, Uyo.